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 Equipment Needed - How to Make Homemade Wine

How to Make Wine From Home - Equipment & Supplies Needed

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When you are learning how to make homemade wine you will get tons of advice about the right ingredients and the fermentation processes, but very few people have an idea of the basic wine making equipment that is needed to accomplish the wine making process.

There are many products available, but when you are learning how to make homemade wine, you should at least know, which equipment is the best basic wine equipment to get you started, later on when you are more experienced you can add on more advanced wine making equipment.

Basic Wine Making Equipment Needed When Learning How to Make Homemade Wine

·        Barrels & Spigots: When you are learning how to make wine from home, you will need a primary fermentation barrels, the best ones come with a fitted cap and a spigot. The spigot makes it easy for you to perform siphoning, racking and filling bottles duties when making wine.

·       Carboy Accessories: Carboys (may also be called a demijohn) is a glass vessel that is used for fermenting your wine. It should also have a fermentation lock to prevent any outside bacteria from entering the wine during the fermentation process.

·         Crushers & De-stemmers: Another important item you may want to have when learning how to make wine is a crusher or de-stemmer to crush your fruit and help you remove the stems from your grapes. This product is not always needed but it makes the process easier to help you complete the process faster.

·         Fermentation Locks: These locks are usually a part of your carboy and are used to prevent any bacteria from entering your wine during fermentation.

·        Hydrometer: It is an instrument used for measuring the specific gravity as it relates to sugar content. It is invaluable to someone learning how to make wine, because it tells you how much sugar is in your wine and gives you an idea of whether you will need more sugar or water to dilute because of two much sugar.  It is best that your hydrometer reads between 0.990 and 0.998 on the specific gravity scale.

·        Presses: One important process you will need to know about when learning how to make wine from home is using a press. Usually red grapes need to be pressed after you have started the fermentation process; white grapes need to be pressed before you start the fermentation process. The size of the press is usually determined by the size of your job. A small table top press will be the best for a person learning how to make wine from home because wine is usually made in small amounts in the home.

·         Siphons & Tubing: These products are used for removing the wine off the sediment, and transferring the wine to the secondary fermenter. It is very important to do the siphoning method again later in the fermentation process before bottling.

·        Stoppers & Bungs: A bung is a stopper, for whatever container you use. It is used to seal bottles, tubes and barrels. Bungs are usually made from hard rubber. The bung keeps your container sealed so that nothing inside could escape including liquids and gases and no bacteria can get in. When you are learning how to make homemade wine you will learn how important it is for your wine to stay bacteria free.

·        Testing Equipment: When you are ready to learn how to make wine from home, you will want to know what kind of testing equipment you will need, it will help you to find possible problems early in the wine making process so that you know if you need to fix something. Testing equipment comes in many types, there are hydrometers to test the sugar levels, test tubes to run the tests in, acid test kits to test the acidity of your wine, thermometers to test the temperature of your wine, vinometer’s reads the percentage of alcohol and a wine thief draws samples of wine for testing.

·        Wine Making Equipment Kits: Possibly one of the most important things you will need when you are learning how to make wine is the wine making equipment kit, it comes with everything that beginners need in order to start the winemaking process. The normal kit comes with one glass carboy, one fermenting bucket with a lid and usually drilled for a spigot, a spigot, one bottle filler, tubing, stopping, siphoning tube, an airlock, hydrometer, an adhesive thermometer, and a sanitizer. In this starter kit you are able to start your wine making hobby with all of the important equipment you will need.

If you are ready to get started learning how to make wine and would like to get started right away making wine, you would be well prepared with the wine making equipment kits, but if that is not an option or you need extra equipment once you have purchases your kit, you can buy each piece individually. Wine equipment can be bought inexpensively on-line at Winemaking Equipment Store.

You will want to check out the many prices available, by researching places that sell the items online. Wine making equipment can be bought in local wineries, wine stores and online retail and wholesale winemaking sites, sometimes at deeply discounted prices. Doing a quick price comparison will help you save money, and buying the wine making equipment kits will help save you money as well. When learning you should create a budget so that you know how much you can spend on your wine making hobby. Be sure if you are new to winemaking not to go overboard buying equipment, just buy the basics, so that you can learn the art before you jump into a large investment. Now let's learn about the actual how to make wine processes starting with the fermentation process.

 Happy wine making!

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